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Professor Jacqueline Cloos, PhD

The work of Jacqueline Cloos is dedicated to improving diagnostics, treatment strategies and ultimately outcome of acute leukemia patients. She focuses on residual leukemia cells that remain after chemotherapy: minimal residual disease (MRD). MRD is the major cause of relapse in cancer and leukemia. MRD is assessed in her research group using flow cytometry and is a robust prognostic factor for relapse risk, guides personalized therapy and important for monitoring disease to assess early signs of recurring leukemia in individual patients. Improvements on MRD and implementation of MRD as an early clinical endpoint are continuous subjects of research by a team of 10 research technicians and several PhD students. MRD assessments may be hampered by the intra-tumor heterogeneity of AML, this and concurrent clonal evolution during therapy are also studied within the group of Prof. Cloos (Costa Bachas/ Diana Hanekamp). With the aim to target MRD and reduce the risk of relapse for the individual patient, drug resistance against standard chemotherapy and novel treatment strategies such as proteasome inhibitors and splicing modulators are also studied (Anna Wojtuszkiewicz).

Participation in research collaborations

  • Dutch AML MRD working party, chair

  • European Leukemia Network, AML MRD working party, coordinator of the Flow cytometry group

Research projects (and collaborators)

  • Alternative splicing (profiles) as stem cell targeted treatment of acute myeloid leukemia, Diamond Program (Inge van der Werf), Prof. Dr. S. Zweegman, Hematology, Prof. Dr. GJL. Kaspers, Pediatric Oncology, Dr. R. Groen, Hematology

  • Evaluation of the proteasome inhibitor Ixazomib against pediatric acute leukemia and Bortezomib-resistant leukemia cells, Prof. Dr. S. Zweegman, Hematology, Prof. Dr. GJL. Kaspers, Pediatric Oncology, Dr. G. Jansen, Rheumatology

  • Identification of under-treated and over-treated acute myeloid leukemia patients, using minimal residual disease and leukemia stem cell frequency, Prof. Dr. G. Ossenkoppele, Hematology, Dr. GJ. Schuurhuis, Hematology

  • Splicing as mechanism of drug resistance in Rheumatology and Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Dr. G. Jansen, Rheumatology, Prof. Dr. R. de Jonge, Clinical Chemistry.

  • Phosphoproteomics in acute myeloid leukemia, Dr. JJWM Janssen, Hematology and Prof. Dr. C. Jimenez, Medical Oncology

  • Multi-Drug Resistance mechanisms in cancer: clinical response in patients with MDR and overcoming chemotherapy resistance with phytocannabinoids, Prof. Dr. GJ. Peters, Medical Oncology and Dr. G. Jansen, Rheumatology

  • Add-on study to A Phase 3 randomized trial investigating Bortezomib (PS-341, Velcade) on a modified augmented BFM (ABFM) backbone in newly diagnosed T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) and T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma (T-LL), Dr. T. Horton (Baylor College of Medicine, Houston USA) and Dr. G. Jansen, Rheumatology

  • Improvement of the survival of children with acute myeloid leukemia (projects of Stichting Egbers) Prof. Dr. GJL. Kaspers, Pediatric Oncology


MRD studies

MRD measurements for >50 institutes in 12+ countries world wide

  • HOVON/SAKK 145: Phase III Panobinostat after AlloSCT

  • HOVON/SAKK 150: IDH1/2 inhibitors with standard chemo (IDH1/2 mutated)

  • HOVON/SAKK 156: Phase III Gilteritinib vs Midostaurin + chemo (FLT3 mutated)

  • MERUS MCLA117: Bispecific antibody therapy against CLEC12A

  • Janssen AML2002: Bispecific antibody therapy against CD123 (Closed)

  • Helsinn PRAN-16-52: Phase III Pracinostat

  • Novartis PKC421E2301: Phase III Midostaurin in FLT3ITD-

  • Novartis PKC412A2218: Phase II Midostaurin in FLT3ITD+ (children)

  • Novartis MBG453B12201: Phase II MBG453 with hypomethylating agents (MDS)

  • DCOne-002: Dendritic cell vaccination

Jacqueline Cloos.jpg

Members of research team

  • Costa Bachas, PhD | senior scientist

  • Lok Lam Ngai, MD, MSc | PhD-student

  • Margot Roeten, BSc | MD/PhD-student

  • Johan van Meerloo, MSc | Senior technician

  • Zinia Kwidama, BSc | Senior technician

Members of MRD team

  • Angele Kelder, BSc | Coordinator of the team

  • Willemijn Scholten BSc | Vice-coordinator of the team

  • Sander Snel, BSc | FACS manager

  • Yvonne van Oussoren-Brockhoff BSc | Quality officer of the team

  • Dennis Veldhuizen BSc | Database developer and maintenance

  • Maaike Heidinga | Team member and data transfer manager

  • Louise Westendorp | Team member

  • Maaike Hofland | Team member

  • Karima Yahakoub | Team member

  • Laura Oudshoorn | Team member

  • Jim Crama | Team member (CML)

  • Bo Kuijk | Team member (CML)

  • Donja Aboukhezaima | Team member (CML)


Prof. dr. Cloos was born and raised in Amsterdam. She graduated from VU University, Amsterdam in 1991 and obtained her PhD 5 years later at the Department of the VU University Medical Center at the Department of Otolaryngology. After being the research coordinator at the Department of Pediatric Oncology, she is currently appointed as a full Professor Translational Hematology-in particular Acute Leukemia at the Amsterdam University Medical Center. She is PI on several research projects involving drug resistance in acute leukemia, MRD and stem cell monitoring and clonal evolution in acute myeloid leukemia. As a co-PI she has ongoing collaborations within and outside the institute to investigate the role of mRNA splicing, phosphoproteomics and in (multi-) drug resistance mechanisms.

Comprehensive Protocol to Sample and Process Bone Marrow for Measuring Measurable Residual Disease and Leukemic Stem Cells in Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

J. Vis. Exp. (133), e56386, doi:10.3791/56386 (2018).

Cloos, J., Harris, J. R., Janssen, J. J., Kelder, A., Huang, F., Sijm, G., Vonk, M., Snel, A. N., Scheick, J. R., Scholten, W. J., Carbaat-Ham, J., Veldhuizen, D., Hanekamp, D., Oussoren-Brockhoff, Y. J., Kaspers, G. J., Schuurhuis, G. J., Sasser, A. K., Ossenkoppele, G.

Haematologica. 2019 Ahead of print

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Best Pract Res Clin Haematol. 2019 Jun;32(2):186-191.

Ossenkoppele G, Schuurhuis GJ, van de Loosdrecht A, Cloos J.

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