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About the department

The Department of Hematology at the Amsterdam UMC is nationally and internationally known as a leading center with outstanding academic care bringing innovative therapy and early phase trials to patients. Amsterdam UMC is a merger of the two academic centers in Amsterdam; VU University Medical Center and the Academic Medical Center. Here, the research performed at location VU University Medical Center is described.


Our mission is to improve the treatment for patients with hematological disease, by integrating basic and translational scientific research with care. Therefore, the diagnostic and research hematology laboratories are embedded within the department.   


Dedicated teams of professionals, both physicians and basic scientists, cooperate within research teams described in detail and aim to:


  • Unravel the biology of hematological disorders to develop novel treatment modalities;

  • Improve current therapy by understanding therapy resistance;

  • Enable participation in clinical trials, from early phase first in man to phase III for our patients;

  • Train future physician and scientist, with a special interest in hematological malignancies.

Contact Information

Department of Hematology
Cancer Center Amsterdam
Amsterdam UMC,
location VUmc



De Boelelaan 1117

CCA 4.28

1081 HV Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 4442295

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